Kerser's new album and the secret Kerser knowledge they don't want you to know

With Kerser's new album "SICKEST CUNT OUT THERE" soon to hit Kazaa and Limewire it is the perfect time to reveal some knowledge best left untouched...

Scientists excavating Saddam's tomb in Baghdad have found ancient scrolls written in Greek and Latin which tell the story of Kerser. They gave the scrolls the name K-Bible. These scrolls are giving many answers to the world's most unanswered secrets and mysteries.

We now know that Kerser created the world and nature, as the 2/3 god he is. And then was born as a man in 1987. Kerser appears to be coming out as a man to help our world when he thinks it is necessary. The scrolls mention few famous names from our world's history who are considered to be Kerser too (Caeser and Napoleon are just 2 of'em). 

According to the K-Bible, the Inkas are considered to be the first civilization to acknowledge Kerser's mightiness, and to believe in him as the world's ruler. As this world's commissioner, Kerser communicates with 2,194,002 other worlds. Since the smart Inkas, our world lives in sin, so Skip Hopz Dot Com, in association with Da Russian Spammorz, The Chinese Hackors and Da Skript Kiddiez, has taken the responsibility of spreading the K-Bible and making the world a better place.

K-Bible also tells the story of how Kerser died (yes it's true Kerser has died many times). 3 days later his body was found missing from the shallow grave where he passed out, he was alive and well.

Kerser, the best rapper ever, earned 72 PHDs when he was only 5. He changed the world by giving it computers (he invented the transistor and the microprocessor), when he graduated from high school, he added 163 more PHDs. In sports, Kerser was just awesome. He won national titles in basketball, football, baseball, track & field, soccer and chess. After each and every university begged him to join in order to teach the professors, Kerser chose to pursue the path of the Lad. After going back in time to 1979 and showing KRS-One how to rap, he began working on his debut album and the rest is history.


  1. If you play the S.C.O.T album in sync with the wizard of oz dvd on mute you instantly become addicted to a random drug

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