It Wasn't Me (featuring sport bikes)

The music video for this song starts out with Rikrok running to Shaggy's mansion in the city of Highguard to explain to him what has just happened. Rikrok (a Shadow Assassin from the Brass Coast) tells him that he cheated on his girlfriend and got caught. Shaggy tells him to tell her that "It wasn't me."

 We then cut to a flashback to earlier that day. Rikrok has been caught sleeping with another woman, and his girlfriend is outside the apartment in her convertible when two women pull up next to her on their motorcycles (sport bikes).

 The 3 women go into the building. Rikrok sneaks out the window, takes the motorcycle (sport bike) of one of his girlfriend's accomplices and leaves. The women come out and his girlfriend and gets in the convertible, the other women get on their motorcycles (sport bikes) and chase after him.

Shaggy, from his house, and using his futuristic technology tracks down where Rikrok is going and prepares an escape for him. Rikrok then gets on a bridge over the highway when the accomplice rode on the bridge in front of him. He then hits the brakes to stop while she stops her motorcycle (sport bike).

Rikrok then hears a noise behind him & its the other accomplices and the girlfriend driving the convertible on the other side of the bridge with the highway down below, an 18-wheeler drives by and Shaggy leaves him a text message telling him to look behind and he notices the truck and jumps off the side of overhead and lands on the truck.

 He is then dropped off at Shaggy's mansion, showing the same scene from the start of the video.


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  2. Don't you think its a cheating?Well I found it ethically wrong to make a clone of someone else.I might be wrong but I found it inappropriate.


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