Is THE GAME a clone of 50 CENT and DR DRE? I'm just asking questions!

New evidence has come to light in the curious case of popular rap singer THE GAME and his mysterious origins, calling into question the "official story" they want us to believe.

"The Game sounds eeriely like a clone of Dr. Dre as he spits his shit"

When The Game was shot on October 1st 2001 he was rushed to hospital and went into a coma for three days. On the fourth day, hospital staff entered his room and found him missing! A security tape later surfaced showing 50 Cent and Dr Dre entering the building at approximately 2:15 AM on the morning of October 5th. The hospital refused to investigate the matter further. In 2005 MTV interviewed Dr Dre but he refused to answer any questions about the incident.

The truth is that Dre and 50 knew The Game from a young age and followed his progress closely. They groomed him to be the perfect rapping machine, giving him classic rap albums to listen to and explaining the finer points of hip hop culture, like how to roll a blunt and all about those spinning rims.

After escaping the hospital, The Game was rushed to Dr Dre's home studio where a team of interns prepped him for surgery. Dr Dre leaned over his body and whispered into his ear "You are ready, my son." 50 Cent then injected him with a DNA infusion (combined with frozen stem cells taken from the corpse of Eazy-E, after Dr Dre figured out how to cure and remove the AIDS) and the transformation was complete.

From this point on The Game was a totally different person. He was already an accomplished rapper but the DNA of 50 and Dre was making him into a rap superstar the likes of which the world had never seen. His body was the same but the mind had transformed beyond recognition.

After the release of The Documentary everything seemed to be going well. The Game was offered a seat a Dr Dre's table and ate dinner with his family every night. He coddled the young man the same way he coddled Eminem, making beats for him and even buying him a Lambo for his birthday. The Game responded in kind, surprising Dr Dre by getting a tattoo of his album The Chronic.

Their close relationship was making 50 Cent jealous, he resented the role Dre was playing as a father. 50 was not satisfied with The Game's debut album. He wanted to take over the entire rap game. He wanted to make The Game into a mercenary, a natural born killer, and just diss everyone.

This new direction did not sit well with The Game. He lashed out at 50, and one of the most epic feuds in the history of rap was born. Dr Dre was disappointed with this turn of events but 50 Cent ended up getting exactly what he wanted by finally unleashing The Game's hidden potential, to the benefit of rap fans worldwide.

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