Skiphopz Acquired by CNN

Reuters - 11:31 AM
Washington DC

MEDIA giant CNN will be purchasing popular rap and celebrity news website Skiphopz Dot Com, according to a press conference held at the CNN Broadcast Centre earlier this morning.

CNN boss Phil Kent was all smiles as he announced the deal, believed to be worth approximately $2.5 million (USD). He praised the journalistic integrity of the anonymous Skiphopz journalists, noting that they were the first media outlet to run with the story of Bill Cosby’s death.

Skiphopz CEO Forum Noob was also present at the press conference. He shook hands with Kent and handed over the keys to the blog as he addressed the audience of CNN reporters: “This is a new era in world-wide-web news reporting. We are pleased to be so warmly welcomed into the CNN family.”

There are plans for a complete redesign of the Skiphopz home page, Noob announced, including a JavaScript news ticker and the possibility of a spinoff ‘Skiphopz Spanish’ page.

The deal also includes Skiphopz sister site The Global Daily, a troubled news website which has been under constant attack from the Russian Spammors and Chinese Hackors for more than 5 years.

The buyout is seen by industry insiders as an aggressive grab for internet credibility by the aging media network. CNN’s ratings have been dipping lower and lower each year and they trail other major news outlets in online engagement.