Tomorrow Never Lives, Sir Roger Moore Dead at 87


Hollywood legend Sir Roger Moore has passed away at age 87. His body was discovered by relatives who became concerned about text messages Moore was sending late last night. They found him unresponsive and he was declared dead of an apparent overdose when an ambulance arrived 15 minutes later.

Moore had survived many battles with drugs and alcoholism in the past but it appears that an addiction to prescription drugs may have been the cause of death. A spokesperson for the Moore estate has declined to comment further on this matter, asking simply that the family be left in peace during this difficult time.

Roger Moore was best known for his role as super-spy James Bond and other minor roles such as a flamboyant homosexual in Boat Trip (2007). According to Wikipedia sources, he was known by his nickname "The Big Knit" and is also known for doing charity work.

Roger Moore, 1827-2015